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Calliandra Bevers & Debra Holliday

The second of our 2017 Rising Stars, Prescott High School senior Calliandra Bevers, nominates her choice for Distinguished Educator – English teacher Debra Holliday.


Calliandra Bevers‘ future plans include attending Yavapai College for two years and transferring to UCLA upon completion.


One teacher that made a monumental impact in my life is Mrs. Holliday; however, the label of English teacher doesn’t even touch her entire job description. Along with being an English teacher, Mrs. Holliday is comforting, encouraging, supporting, and an overall life coach to me. Unfortunately this last year, I have gone through a lot of drastic changes in my life, that are still difficult to overcome today. These changes have made me feel abandoned and all alone at school. Yet, those negative feelings would always disappear the moment I stepped through Mrs. Holliday’s door.

Her warm welcome makes me feel important. Mrs. Holliday gave me the confidence to reassure me that I was worth noticing. For Mrs. Holliday, it was easy to make bad situations, which felt like they were suffocating me and controlling my emotions, to become insignificant. Her ability to brighten my perspective for the better, changed my way of thinking, helping me to have positive thoughts and be optimistic.

Mrs. Holliday is very encouraging, going above and beyond helping me. For example, when I was doing my Senior essay on migraines, which play a huge part in my life, she went out of her way to give me extra resources such as aromatherapy. By this act, she demonstrated how much she cares for me, and I deeply appreciate it. Plus, once my paper was finished and graded, Mrs. Holliday came running back to me, insisting that I get it published in a magazine. Currently, she is helping me to do so, spreading my experience and knowledge of migraines to help others. To this day, she still asks me how my migraines are and if I have found new ways to fix them.

So thank you; thank you for being there for me. Thank you for making me smile when I wasn’t feeling up to it. Thank you for brightening my day. I appreciate you, Mrs. Holliday.

2017 PUSD Education Foundation Rising Star Calliandra Bevers and Distinguished Educator Debra Holliday

Debra Holliday

Distinguished Educator, English


Calliandra Bevers is an amazing and talented young force in this world. Not only does she excel academically, but Calliandra is an artist and entrepreneur. In fact, the Peregrine Book Company in downtown Prescott now features her t-shirt designs from her clothing line, Backbone ClothingBackbone Clothing. I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.

2017 PUSD Education Foundation Rising Star Calliandra Bevers and Distinguished Educator Debra Holliday

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