PUSD Education Foundation secures over $17,000 to provide a Stop the Bleed kits

School Stop the Bleed KitGreat progress is being made to ensure that schools within Prescott U.S.D. are safe and secure for students, teachers, and the community. To recognize these successes, October 18-23, 2020 has been proclaimed as National Safe School Safety Week.

Accidents are beyond our control. We never know when or where they will happen. National School Safety Week is a reminder that when it comes to school safety, we can definitely be in control. When school administrators engage in comprehensive emergency planning, they save lives. Last Fall, every single employee within Prescott U.S.D. when through a comprehensive training on how to use a “Stop the Bleed” kit in the case of an emergency. Following the training provided by the Integrated Community Solutions, based in Tucson, Superintendent Joe Howard asked the PUSD Education Foundation to help provide funding to help ensure they could purchase kits in every classroom.

Two weeks following the training, Tami Phillips, Executive Director of the PUSD Education Foundation, learned that the daughter of a personal friend of hers from Santa Clarita was shot at Saugus High School by a fellow student. She was shot once in the shoulder and once in the abdomen. The school had recently had an active shooter training, so she knew to immediately take shelter. She was able to go into the Choir room next to the quad. The choir director helped her into her room while other students secured the door. Then forty students crammed into her small office.

Fortunately, there was a “Stop the Bleed” Kit in the classroom, so the teacher grabbed it and applied pressure on the wounds. Another student, who was an Eagle Scout, helped her stop the bleeding. For over an hour they remained quiet, waiting for the all-clear. Fortunately, she survived, thanks to the Stop the Bleed kit.

After reaching out to the Prescott community, the PUSD Education Foundation was able to secure over $17,000 to provide a Stop the Bleed kits in every classroom within PUSD. This was made possible through the generosity of three major funders, The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott, The Harold James Family Trust and the Perry & Sandy Massie Foundation, and several additional supporters of the PUSD Education Foundation.

At 9:00 AM on Thursday, October 22, 2020, Tami Phillips from the PUSD Education Foundation and Christine Resnick from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott will be presenting the Stop the Bleed kits to Prescott High School. They will be joined by Joe Howard, Superintendent of Prescott Unified School District.


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