rising star

Bryan Granados-Estrada

Rising Star 2018

Bryan Granados-Estrada
Rising Star • Prescott Mile High Middle School

Heather Christians
Distinguished Educator
ELA/SS Teacher GMS

BGE: A teacher that has impacted my life is Mrs. Christians. My gratitude and affection goes towards her. I am thankful for her patience and dedication towards me. She would always receive the class with a great attitude and a warm smile on her face. In 6th grade I had problems talking in front of people and was very insecure about myself. I remember I would always try to leave the class when it was my turn to present. Mrs. Christians would encourage me and challenged me to be brave. Thanks to her now I am more comfortable talking in front of people and I am more secure about myself. So thank you: thank you Mrs. Christians, for giving me your advice and for encouraging me. Thank you for your help and believing in me.

HC: I remember how quiet and shy Bryan seemed at first. He was such a wonderful student and I was so happy when he started talking to me! His smile is one I will never forget. It was my privilege to have him as a student.


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