rising star

Garrett Ward

Rising Star 2018

Garrett Ward
Rising Star • Prescott High School
Future plans include attending college to pursue a business degree.

Leah Kimmerle
Distinguished Educator
Para-Professional PMHMS

GW: What I would like everyone to know about Mrs. Kimmerle. She helped me inside of class and outside of class when I was struggling to be a student. Or to become a mature person. Not a lot of people would stick with me to help me with my struggles. She made sure I was doing my best and working hard every day in class. No matter what kind of response or unmotivating words came out of my mouth. She was there to fix up my act. She is a very kind, loving, modern day miracle worker. She was with me throughout elementary, middle school and partially high school. I had a lot of success in high school because of her and I couldn’t have done it without her. I’m glad I am about to graduate but she gave me a journey I will never forget. All I have to say is thank you for being there no matter how much I went through and making me become the man I am today. She is the reasons I’ve made it and I couldn’t have done it without her!
LK: Garrett is a perfect example of a rising star. He has always been hard working and determined. He never gives up! Garrett has the ability to encourage others who may be struggling and give them confidence, in school and in athletics. Garrett is an amazing young man, and my life has been made richer by knowing him. I am certain that he will succeed in whatever path he chooses to take next!


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