rising star

Jesus Mata Olague

Rising Star 2018

Jesus Mata Olague
Rising Star • Prescott High School
Future plans include employment in the construction field and attending classes to strengthen his skills.

Amy Buettner
Distinguished Educator
Asst Principal PHS

JMO: When I started my 7th grade year, I had just come from Mexico to live here in the U.S. I knew learning the new English language was going to be a difficult task for me. I struggled in a few of my classes such as English and math. At this time of my life my English teacher Mrs. Amy Buettner came into the picture. She decided it would be a good idea to help me out and also guide me through programs that would strengthen my abilities to understand the English language. Ever since this happened, Mrs. Buettner has always supported me by pushing me to strive for the best I can do because she could see that I had potential to do great things. I am very thankful to her and all that she has done that has helped me get to where I am today.

AB: Jesus has always been one of my teaching “stars.” When I first met him in middle school, he was so quiet but always had a smile and was willing to try something new (which was hard since it wasn’t in Spanish!). I have admired his willingness to work hard in all that he does and always have a positve attitude. As a high school student, he has continued to be so polite and so engaging when I check on him. It makes my heart happy to see him master English and graduate from high school. The world is his to explore, and I have no doubt he’ll go and do great things!


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