rising star

Jose Hernandez

Rising Star 2018

Jose Hernandez
Rising Star • Prescott High School
Future plans include attending college.

Cari Greco
Distinguished Educator
Learning Center Teacher PHS

JH: Mrs. Cari Greco has helped me for three years, she has a positive attitude all the time. She has told me multiple times not to give up and makes me feel like I will succeed. Every time I need help, she is more than happy to help not only me, but many of my classmates in her Learning Center class, and she always finds a way to help me on my homework, even if it isn’t her subject. So, I want to say thank you for being there for me and I really appreciate all you did for me along these three years.
I couldn’t have asked for a better Learning Center teacher.
CG: I have had the pleasure of having Jose in my class over the past three years. He is a first generation American. He has been an active and passionate member of the marching band for his entire high school career. Jose works hard to overcome his challenges while remaining positive and kind. He is motivated, dedicated, loyal, and has a lot of integrity.


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