rising star

Lily Watorski

Rising Star 2018

Lily Watorski
Rising Star • Prescott Mile High Middle School
Future plans include attending college.

Helen Wanamaker
Distinguished Educator

LW: Ms. Wanamaker has had a great impact throughout my 8th grade education. She helps me reach my goals and encourages me to understand materials in a fun and creative way. When I first met Ms. Wanamaker, I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh Lauren Graham is going to be teaching my language arts class this year.” You know Ms. Wanamaker is an amazing person because when you enter the classroom she greets you with a smile on her face and asks how your day is going. Ms. Wanamaker is one of the reasons I do so well in school and don’t give up. Not only have I met a new teacher but I’ve made a new friend.

HW: Sometimes I believe teaching to be a selfish act. We meet young people who we connect with and the teacher becomes the student. Lily has been one of my teachers this year. She reminds me to keep an open heart, that joy comes from being kind, and that one person can positively impact a classroom. When I look at Lily, I see the girl I wish I had been at her age – confident, intelligent, and a little sassy. I feel very lucky to have been Lily’s teacher this year. Thank you, Lily, for making being a teacher a rewarding experience.


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