rising star

Nicole Raiss

Rising Star 2018

Nicole Raiss
Rising Star • Prescott Mile High Middle School
Future plans include attending Montana University and becoming a professional photographer.

Andy Andre
Distinguished Educator
Science Teacher PMHMS

NR: I chose Mr. Andre because I have always looked up to him. He is a very kind, caring, and compassionate person. He will always listen and try to help you or give you advice even if he is having a bad day. You will never know he is having a bad day because he doesn’t want to bring anybody else down.
Mr. Andre treats every kid as if they were his own. He also likes to make everything fun including learning. Nothing is ever boring when it comes to Mr. Andre. Every day I get to spend with Mr. Andre is a great day. Just to see him happy and smiling, makes me want to be happy and smiling. I don’t know what I would do without him.

AA: Nicole is an amazing young lady. She has a heart for helping others and she constantly puts the needs of others before herself. Nicole does this without any thought of personal reward. Caring about others is truly in her DNA. Nicole is also a true “servant leader” which she demonstrates as a teaching assistant and also as a student in my class. She stands up for what is right no matter what. Her ability to take control of a class, is remarkable. Even as a 7th grader, she was able to earn the respect of my 8th grade class through her work ethic, sense of humor and caring personality. No job is too hard for her to accomplish. Other teachers joke that Nicole could run the school by herself and the truth is that she could! I know that I would not be as effective a teacher without Nicole’s help. I am truly blessed by her.


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