rising star

Ryder MacKenzie

Rising Star 2018

Ryder MacKenzie
Rising Star • Prescott Mile High Middle School

Jane Robertson
Distinguished Educator
Abia Judd Teacher ~ 2nd Grade

RMK: To start off, Mrs. Robertson (my 2nd grade teacher) was a big impact in my life because she always had a smile on her face when greeting me into the classroom. She was always positive and just a joy to be around. We would start off our mornings with her singing and playing guitar to the class! The best years of school so far were being in her class not for one year but two! Furthermore, being a teacher isn’t the easiest job. When a kid would misbehave she wouldn’t just send him/her away, she would resolve it with talking and being positive. Whenever I had a bad morning, I would think of what Mrs. Robertson would do. We definitely were closer because it wasn’t just a class you walk in and be bored, it was a class that brightened your learning experience.

JR: If I were to select a student who helped make my teaching worthwhile it would be Ryder. He was always enthusiastic and interested in whatever we were doing in second grade. He was exactly the kind of student that “keeps teachers teaching”.
I know he will make a difference in our world!


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